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Escape the Car for Android/iOS!

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Posted by Shawn on August 27, 2014

I dabbled with mobile development a little bit last year when I released Escape the Office, but only on Android. Recently I ported the HD version of Escape the Car (previously only on Xbox Indie) to both Android and iOS

iOS development is actually pretty annoying if you normally use a PC. I had to buy a mac mini and sign up for the developer program before I could even test on my own iphone. Not to mention all the time spent transferring my files to the mac and rebuilding. Escape the Car is pretty old at this point but it's my go-to project for trying out a new platform. I created it with OpenFL which means with a little tweaking I'll be able to upload the flash version of it soon.

Also working on another big project that I've been toying with on and off for a few years now. Really hope I can get some screenshots up soon.

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