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Chile: Everything in one Country

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Posted by Shawn on July 28, 2009
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Not sure how to classify this one, so let's stick it under 'reviews.' A critique, if you will.

As I was on the plane traveling to San Diego for Comic-Con this year, I took a magazine out of the seat pocket in front of me and started rifling through it. After a few pages I was presented with an advertisement so amazing that I had to save the magazine, bring it home, and scan it for all to see. Check it out:

Everything in one Country

It's an advertisement for tourism in Chile. The presentation is average, but it's the content that stands out. The tagline is 'everything in one country.' With such a bold statement, the pictures that follow must surely demonstrate this. Let's take a look.

First up, we have a man talking on a cell phone and using a laptop. With the stock nature of this image I think we can see where this picture set is going. But ok, if I go to Chile, I suppose I can rest assured that I will have internet and phone access. Not my first concern for vacation purposes, but it would be for the tech-savvy business types. I wont deduct too many points for this one, we've got five more pictures to make up for it

To the right we have an inside view of an air traffic control tower. That's right, Chile has an airport. Airports are necessary, yes, but this advertisement is located in an airline tourism magazine- airport presence is kind of assumed. My interest in Chile is already waning. What's next, evidence of cars?

No, satellites. In the ever changing and constantly evolving business world, we need to be reminded of the presence of satellite technology. Big ones even. And lots of them. For a second I was afraid that Chile's air traffic control system operated through an elaborate system of smoke signals.

Next to the satellites, consuming the largest area of any picture on the page, we get a glimpse at Chile's renowned cargo bay and boat yard. Honestly, these pictures are starting to baffle me. In the event of airport difficulties I suppose I can opt to sail my frigate down.

You're damn right Chile has cars and we have not one but two pictures to prove it! I still don't really know what's in Chile, but I can sure drive to it. Also, it's important for the magazine viewer to understand that Chile's roads function properly in both the day and nighttime conditions.

On the contrary Chile, is anything in your country? I'm skeptical that you possess anything beyond modern technology and transportation. Given the evidence presented thus far I'd be hard pressed to recommend a vacation to Chile over one to Newark, Ohio. And that's saying a lot. Sorry Chile, not even a copper statue could make up for this abysmal advertising campaign.

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