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The Legend of Afro Ninja

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Posted by Shawn on October 30, 2005
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Ya know, it's just something I get asked every so often..."Hey man I get the afro part, but why Afro Ninja?" Well, the story is kind of dumb. But I figured I at least owe you an explanation. And an awesome animation too...

So, it's Junior year of High School. I sported the same hairstyle I do today- the brown fro. I ate lunch with my friends TJ, Josh, and Alex. One day we're sitting there, in our usual lunchtime atmosphere. I went up to the line to get some lunch, and came back. I sat down and started eating. Alex looks at me.

Alex: Dude where did that food come from?
Me: Um... I just went up and got it...
Alex: What the hell we didn't even see you go anywhere!
TJ: Yeah, really man.
Me: Well.. I did.
Alex: What are you, some kind of ninja? An afro ninja??
Me: Haha, I guess so.

Later that year Alex asked me to put one of his comic strips on the internet, The Adventures of Gary. I told him I'd do him one better and turn it into an animation with this new program I was messing with called Macromedia Flash. I finished the cartoon, uploaded it, and decided I needed an alias to go with it. "Shawn Tanner" just wasn't cutting it. I flashed back to that day at the luchroom... "Afro Ninja." Hmm...yeah... my name will be "Afro Ninja."

And that's the story.

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