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I Want My Domain Back

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Posted by Shawn on October 29, 2005
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I've had quite a few people say to me "Man, why did you have to put that hyphen in your web address? Why not just"

Well, I'll tell you why:

Ooops! taken! Ooops! taken!

Yeah, that's why. Some douchebag dan out there owns "" Now, if he actually did something productive with it that would be acceptable. But let's see what dan has in store for us:

Amazing! Amazing!

Thanks dan, you have successfully taken my domain and done nothing with it. Now I will forever be plagued with "OMFG WHY DID U MAEK IT AFRO-NINJA.COM?!?!?!" Not only that, but there seems to be a trend with taking afroninja domains and doing nothing with them. Let's check in on!

Surprised? Surprised?

Oh well. Everything is so tailored to now that I wouldn't change it if I had the chance. I think it grew on me anyways :o

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