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Afro Ninja Escape Series #3: The Phonebooth

Game and FAQ by Shawn Tanner

-Look down at the ground where the floor mat is. Click the torn part of the floor mat to reveal a quarter underneath. Collect it.
-Take the piece of torn yellow page on the floor
-Return to facing the phone, and turn left.
-You'll notice that 'CALL ME 4 HELP' is on the glass. This translates to '634-4357' on the telephone. Calling this number is completely optional, and simply provides a clue to 'start with the electric company.' -Take the binoculars that are sitting here
-Face the phone again. Click the bottom area of the phone, where the coin return slot is
-Collect the piece of string on the ledge
-Return to the main view, and click the top area of the phone
-Click the coin return button. This releases the 'socket' into the coin return slot, which can be collected later
-Combine the string and quarter together to get 'quarter tied with string'
-Click the phone to take it off the hook, and deposit your quarter
-The hotline tells you to start with the electric company, but you really need to start with the phone company before you can complete the electric company task
-Look at your torn yellow page and dial 555-4922, for the data-tec phone trace service
-The service will tell you that you are calling from 267-9532. You will use this in a minute
-Now call swain electric at 555-7328
-When prompted for a password, enter '644485'. This is 'NIGHT5' in telephone form, which is written on the phonebook page. (NIGHT5 is a bright idea)
-Press 2 for service administration, and use 267-9532 as the number used for administration (your booth)
-Press 1 to turn the power on
-Now that the light is on, look up at the ceiling
-You can see the code 'GUSH7' shadowed in the light
-Return to the main view, then turn left twice to face the front of the booth
-Use your binoculars to view the blurry sign outside. You are on Arch Street, which will be used soon
-Return to the phone, and call 555-5253 for Maus St Water Company
-Use 'GUSH7' for the employee password. In telephone form this is '48747'
-Enter 'arch' for the street name, in telephone form this is '2724'
-This will shut off the water outside
-Return to the main view and turn right. The fountain will now be dry
-Use your binoculars to read the inscription on the fountain. It says 'No money, 5675, return twice'
-Return to the phone. Pick up the receiver, but DON'T insert any money
-Dial '5675', and click the coin return switch twice
-Return to the main view, and click the coin return slot area of the phone near its bottom
-Open the coin return slot, and collect the key. The socket will also be here if you didn't collect it earlier
-Face the floor, then examine the metallic blue box
-Use the key to open this box, then take the socket screwdriver inside
-Combine the socket screwdriver and socket
-Return to the main view, then click on either of the two small nuts on the front of the phone, slightly to the left of the red handle
-Use the socket screwdriver + socket to remove the nuts
-Return to the main view and click the red handle on the phone to open(swivel) it
-Click the small screen that is behind the phone
-This is a letter drop game. Read the instructions to find out how to play
-The answer to the drop game is 'THE TELEPHONE IS INHERENTLY OF NO VALUE TO US'
-When you finish, you will hear an unlock sound and the screen will say 'complete'
-That was the sound of the latch at the front of the booth unlocking, you may have noticed that the green wires coming out of the small screen are the same that connect to the front of the booth
-Return to the main view and turn left or right twice to face the front
-You'll find the latch unlocked. Click the door handle to escape!

Hope you enjoyed!

Other points of interest:

-Call the Grudge Gas Co. for a creepy movie reference
-The main number for data-tec communications is always busy
-Calling any other number will always result in a 'number not available' message -Try calling 867-5309. Do you really need to know what to expect?
-The 'afro ninja escape hotline' actually gives vague hints for the other games, as well as telling you that there are no sequels yet if you try to say you are in a different location
-Swain electric and Maus St. Water are named after the people that voice them, Michael Swain and Newgrounds' Maus.

copyright 2007