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Escape from Camp Crystal Lake

game by Shawn Tanner Joe Flowers
FAQ by Shawn

+++++ INTRODUCTION +++++
This is the official FAQ page and walkthrough for the point and click adventure, Escape from Camp Crystal Lake.
It offers a standard beginning to end walkthrough, as well as a guide for finding all the files and items and obtaining 100% completion.

+++++ CONTENTS +++++
A. Standard Walkthrough.
B. File Locations.
C. The Secret Cabin (Cabin 3).
D. 100% Completion Checklist.


This section will help you beat the game from start to finish, but wont cover any extra items, files, or locations.

-From the car, turn to the right and face the camp. Click the map container to collect a map. Proceed forward.
-Continue through the path of trees, and past the first two cabins (Cabin 1 and Cabin 2). Go left at the dead-end, toward the office.
-At the screen with three paths, go right. You are now outside the office. Go forward once more onto the porch.
-Click on the mailbox to collect the 'Cabin 1' key.
-Return to the two cabins that you passed on your way to the Office.
-Stand in front of Cabin 1 and use the 'Cabin 1' key to unlock the door. Sleep here for the night.
-You will wake up inside Cabin 1. It is now nighttime.
-Collect the 'Cabin 2' key from the table in front of you.
-Exit Cabin 1, face Cabin 2, and use the 'Cabin 2' key to unlock the door.
-Examine the bedside table on the right. Take the tape from inside.
-Exit Cabin 2 and return to the area that splits into three paths. Instead of going right to the Office, continue forward.
-You are now outside the Generator Room. Go inside.
-Use the tape to fix the shorted electrical line, right below the window. If you can't find the right spot, turn the generator on first to see where the spark is.
-Open the generator by clicking the top right panel on it.
-Move both switches to the up/on position, and press start. The generator is now on.
-Move back and click on the fuse box on right wall.
-Turn on fuses 1 and 2. You may turn on 3, but it will need turned off later. Move back.
-Examine the middle drawer of the cabinet on the left. Take the knife inside.
-Exit the Generator Room and proceed forward down the path. You will now be outside of the Bathroom.
-Go inside the Bathroom, and enter the stall with blood seeping out of it. Take the oar that is laying over the dead body.
-Return to the Office. Go up on the porch, facing the door. Use the oar to break the cracked window. This will unlock the door for you.
-Go inside the Office and turn to the right. Click on the computer and type RUN LETTERDROP into the prompt.
-Solve this puzzle by placing letters in the correct boxes. The solution to the puzzle is 'WATCH OUT JASON IS BEHIND YOU'
-Move back and Jason has now appeared! Select the oar to defend yourself.
-When fighting Jason, keep the oar as close to him as possible. When you see he is about to strike, raise the oar to block his punch. You must block 8 punches to survive. If Jason hits you 5 times, you'll die and have to re-start.
-When Jason leaves, pick up the key that he drops. This is the 'Toolshed' key.
-Return to the area outside Cabin 1 and Cabin 2. Take the path that goes in between them.
-You will be at another dead-end. Take the path to the right.
-Unlock the Toolshed with the 'Toolshed' key and go inside.
-Take the baseball bat, and exit.
-Return to the dead-end you were just at. Jason is back for another fight!
-This time you must go on the offensive with the baseball bat. Strike Jason whenever he is about to hit you. Otherwise he will block and wont take any damage. Jason is faster this time, and requires 10 swings with the bat to beat.
-When Jason leaves he'll drop the 'Counselor's Cabin' key. Pick it up.
-Return to the area outside the Bathroom. Continue down the path that leads to the right.
-Unlock the Counselor's Cabin with the 'Counselor's Cabin' key and go inside.
-Turn to the right. Cut the tape off the cabinet with the knife.
-Open the cabinet and take the bow and arrows inside
-Leave the cabinet, turn back to the left, and proceed out the back door of the Counselor's Cabin.
-You are now in the Archery Range. Use the bow to shoot down twinkling object you see up in the trees.
-After it falls, put your bow back and click on the now-fallen object. It's the 'Kitchen' key, click and add it to your inventory.
-Return to the original spot where the path splits in three. Instead of going right to the Office, go left to the Kitchen.
-Unlock the Kitchen with the 'Kitchen' key. Proceed out the back door.
-There are some downed lines here. If you turned on fuse 3 in the Generator Room, you'll have to go back and turn it off. Otherwise continue on toward the dock.
-At the dock, click the boat to cross the lake. Don't cross yet if you still want to collect files and items, as there is no turning back.
-At the other side, click to examine the tombstone you see in the distance.
-Turn around, and Jason is back for a final fight!
-For this fight you need a combination of the bat and the bow and arrows. Whenever Jason is about to strike, hit him with the bat like you did before. This time though, Jason will be stunned after three bat swings. When this happens, quickly switch to your bow and shoot him in the face. Shooting him anywhere else,
or hitting him again while he's stunned will cause him to block. Jason is even faster this time, and only needs three punches to take you out.
-When the third arrow strikes, Jason is down for good! Sit back and enjoy the cutscene, and watch the credits.

Congratulations, You have now beaten "Escape from Camp Crystal Lake!"

+++++ FILE LOCATIONS +++++

Here is where you can find each file in the game.

POSTER PIECE 1- In Cabin 1, inside the table on the left.
POSTER PIECE 2- In the Bathroom, in the first stall on the left.
POSTER PIECE 3- On the message board in the Office.
POSTER PIECE 4- In the Counselor's Cabin, inside the fireplace.
POSTER PIECE 5- In the Toolshed, in the toolbox. Second drawer.
POSTER PIECE 6- On the Office porch. You must face the Office door and turn left to see it.
POSTER PIECE 7- In the Generator Room, in the cabinet on the left. Bottom drawer.
POSTER PIECE 8- Off of the path in the area right between the one overlooking the camp (at the beginning) and area outside cabins 1 and 2. Can only be collected at night.
POSTER PIECE 9- Laying outside of Cabin 3.
POSTER PIECE 10- In the Kitchen, in the second cabinet from the left.
POSTER PIECE 11- Laying on the dock behind the Kitchen.
CABIN 2 DIARY- In Cabin 2, on the table on the left.
CAR NOTE- On your beat-up car, at the beginning of the game. Can only be collected at night.
COMPUTER NOTE- On the message board in the Office.
GENERATOR INSTRUCTIONS- In the Generator Room, in the top right panel of the generator.
MAP- In the map container, in the area overlooking the camp. Can be collected during day or night.
MAP [GENERATOR OVERLAY]- In the Generator Room, inside the fuse box.
SCAVENGER HUNT NOTE- On the message board in the Office.
HIDDEN NOTE 1- In the Counselor's Cabin, click on the bump in the floor on the bottom left, next to the muddy footprints. Must have first collected SCAVENGER HUNT NOTE.
HIDDEN NOTE 2- In the broken exhaust/tail pipe of your beat-up car, at the beginning of the game. Can only be collected at night, and only after you have HIDDEN NOTE 1.
HIDDEN NOTE 3- To see this note, go to the computer in the Office and type VIEW SEKRETNOTETHREE into the prompt. Will only work if you have HIDDEN NOTE 2.
HIDDEN NOTE 4- In the bathroom, in the toilet of the stall that is farthest to the right. Must have first collected HIDDEN NOTE 3.

+++++ THE SECRET CABIN (CABIN 3) +++++

You may have noticed that while playing, you never find a key for 'Cabin 3.' This is because Cabin 3 is special,
and requires the crystal key to open. To get the crystal key, collect all 23 files in the game and go to the burnt-down Barn. In the middle is a
pedastool which will contain the crystal key when all files have been collected. Once inside Cabin 3 you can see the Jason maniac's living area. He even has a TV and an NES! If you
played along with the scavenger hunt game and found all the secret notes, you can collect a game cartridge in the Kitchen, in the cabient furthest to the right. Bring the cartridge back here
and you can actually play a small emulated version of the original Friday the 13th game for NES! Beat Jason in this game to add an extra 5% to your game completion total.

Also, you can turn to the left and collect Jason's machete from the wall. This will replace your bat, and counts as another 5% for game completion. When you use the machete in the final fight it will stun
Jason in one hit instead of three, making it much easier.


Here is everything you need to end the game with 100% Completion. Doing so will unlock the gallery from the title screen, where you can view artwork and commentary.

[] Collect all inventory items (including the crystal key and game cartridge)
[] Collect all 23 files
[] Beat the NES version of Jason in Cabin 3
[] Take Jason's machete from the wall in Cabin 3
[] Beat the game

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