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Type It II

Game and FAQ by Shawn Tanner

Section A: Target medal scores
Section B: Challenge guide/tips

=====SECTION A=====
Target Medal Scores


1000 bronze | 2000 silver | 3000 gold | 3600 platinum
1000 bronze | 2000 silver | 3000 gold | 3700 platinum
1000 bronze | 2000 silver | 2700 gold | 3100 platinum


1000 bronze | 2000 silver | 2800 gold | 3200 platinum
3000 bronze | 4000 silver | 5000 gold | 6300 platinum
1000 bronze | 1900 silver | 2400 gold | 2900 platinum


3000 bronze | 5500 silver | 7100 gold | 8000 platinum
2000 bronze | 3500 silver | 4700 gold | 6200 platinum
1500 bronze | 2000 silver | 3000 gold | 3500 platinum


1800 bronze | 2500 silver | 3500 gold | 4600 platinum
1000 bronze | 1500 silver | 2000 gold | 2500 platinum
3000 bronze | 4000 silver | 5100 gold | 5800 platinum

=====SECTION B=====
Challenge guide/tips

Earn a single medal. If you can't do this then you're not making it very far...

=Going Pro=
Earn a gold medal. This might take some practice, pick a mode you're especially good at if you have to.

=Making a Name for Yourself=
Earn a platinum medal. This can be pretty tough, but follow the same advice from the gold medal section.

=TYPE IT Novice=
=TYPE IT Regular=
=Dammit, Mike=
Earn all bronzes, all silvers, all golds, and all platinums, respectively. Earning a platinum will count as earning all other medal types, so if you finished the game with all platinums you would complete all four challenges at once.

=New Challenger=
Unlock challenge mode. Fairly simple, just earn at least a bronze medal in all mode types for SCROLL, QUICK DRAW, and WORDS.

=Well Traveled=
Earn medals in all game types. After you complete the previous challenge, just earn at least bronze in the remaining CHALLENGE mode types.

Earn a gold medal with numbers turned on. Go to the options menu and check the 'Numbers' box. Earning a gold medal in a mode where you type words will not complete this challenge.

Earn a gold medal with basic punctuation turned on. Same as above but check the box that has 'Period, Comma, Semicolon, Forward Slash' next to it. These challenges can be completed together

=Stiff Joints=
=Missing Fingers=
Type 1,500, 3,000, and 5,000 total symbols, respectively. Any letter, number, or punctuation symbol typed in any game mode will count toward this total, as long as you don't quit early. If you're playing a words mode, the entire word must be completed for the letters to count.

=TYPE IT Legend=
Achieve a career score of 50,000 or greater. This is a little less than the equivalent of earning a platinum medal in all mode types.

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