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Afro Ninja Escape Series #4: The Bathroom

Game and FAQ by Shawn Tanner

-Take the plunger in front of you
-Examine the toilet bowl (NOT the tank!)
-Use the plunger in the bowl to separate it into the stick and plunger head
-Now examine the top portion of the toilet tank
-Use the plunger head to cover the hole in the bottom middle of the tank, where the flush valve is missing
-Return to the main view, then turn to the right and face the door blocked by lasers
-Click on the tile that is out of place on the floor. You'll notice that it is a dark blue color when it should be light blue, and the marks on the wall form an arrow that points to it.
-Take the wrench from under the tile
-Face the toilet again
-Examine the small yellow valve near the bottom right of the toilet
-Use the wrench to turn the water on
-Return to the main view, then examine the top of the toilet again
-The tank should be filled with water now. Click the handle on the left to flush it
-This will flush the key from the tank to the bowl
-Return to the main view and examine the toilet bowl. The key will be floating in the water; take it
-Return to the main view and examine the sink cabinet to the right
-Take the baking soda and baking soda label inside
-Return to the main view and examine the mirror above the sink
-Use the the wrench to break off a piece of the mirror where it is cracked. Add the piece to your inventory.
-Use the key to open the padlock on the mirror
-Collect the razorblade, toothbrush, and pill bottle from behind the mirror. Return to the main view.
-Examine the sink. Click the stopper behind the faucet to plug the sink
-Fill the sink with hot water (red handle), and add the baking soda
-Take the toothbrush out of the inventory and "dip" it into the baking soda solution (just click the water with the brush)
-Return to the main view and turn right twice, facing the opposite wall from where you started
-Look up at the ceiling
-You'll notice that one of the ceiling panels is skewed. Use the stick from the plunger to poke at it.
-After enough pokes the hairdryer will fall down. Grab it.
-Face down again where you can see the battery on the ground
-Examine the gray blotch on the wall in front of you
-Use the razor blade on it to reveal part of a code
-Take the mirror shard from the inventory and place it on the wall in the empty space to the right of the blotch.
-This will reflect the partial code from the other side of the wall (above the toilet)
-This reveals the code "45801"
-Examine the battery on the floor beneath the gray splotch
-Use the toothbrush dipped in baking soda to clean the corroded terminals
-Use the hairdryer to dry the water afterwards
-Click the gold connectors to connect them to the battery
-Back out from the battery and turn right, facing the shower
-Examine the number pad on the panel to the left of the shower
-Enter the code "45801" to unlock it, and remove the panel behind
-Use the wrench to turn on the valve
-Back up from the panel and examine the tub/shower
-Click the big handle in the shower to fill the tub with water
-Take the hairdryer from the inventory and click on the water with it to drop it in
-This will short out all electricity, including the lasers blocking the exit!
-Turn back left until you see the open door

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